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Douglas-Ward-at-workBerlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships 2019.  The 736-page print book is in its 34th year of continuous publication. Published in October 2018, it can also be downloaded as an e-book from Google Play or the App Store.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The 2018 edition is the joint winner of the “Guide of the Year” category of the UK’s prestigious 2018 Travel Media Awards at a special awards ceremony in London in October 2018.

The guidebook is the most highly regarded source of comparative information, and up to 400 separate items are taken into account during the evaluation and rating of cruise ships.  Scores are painstakingly calculated and filtered into five at-a-glance results: 1. Hardware (the ship);  2. Accommodation;  3. Cuisine/Dining;  4. Service;  5. All Other Aspects.


About Ocean Cruising

The book helps you define what to look for, and provides advice on finding the right ship for you. It profiles, evaluates and rates the ocean-going cruise ships, from the largest resort ships – to the smallest – from high luxury to budget – from state-of-the art to old and tired. and tells it like it is.
Happy Cruising – from the author.

Chapters: New to Cruising?;  What’s Ahead;  Cruising’s Growth;  Frequently Asked Question;  Choose Your Destinations;  Choose the Right Ship;  Choose the Right Accommodation;  Cruising for Families;  Cruising for Solo Travelers;  Cruising for Romantics;  Cruising for Seniors;  Cruising to Suit Special Needs; Cruising to a Theme;  Expedition Cruising;  Coastal Cruises;  Cruising Under Sail;  Transatlantic Crossings;  Around the World Cruises;  34 Wonderful Cruise Experiences;  Life aboard;  Cuisine/Dining;  Entertainmnet;  Casinos; Excursions Ashore;  Spas and Wellness Facilities; Living in Luxury; The Major Cruise Lines;  The Smaller Cruise Lines;  Cruising and the Environment;  Cruising and Safety; How We Evaluate the Ships (criteria);  The Rating Results.



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